When buying a car, the buyer decides how to deliver it home from the port in Odessa, Chernomorsk or Yuzhny. In the Sea Way company, you can order a vehicle for transporting cars on a tow truck. At the same time, it is necessary that all documents are in order, otherwise, on the road, troubles may arise when meeting with police officers.

How to arrange transportation

We know what documents are needed to transport a car on a tow truck, and we will help you arrange them. Arriving at the port, the car, accordingly, must be sent to its owner after customs clearance. But since it has not yet been registered with MREO and does not have numbers, it is impossible to overtake it on its own, since this will entail penalties. And 90% of cars arriving from the United States after an accident. Riding them on their own is elementary dangerous.

We use two methods of transportation.

  1. On a tow truck, which calls into the port, a car is loaded onto it, and it follows to the specified address to the client’s home. Only one car can be transported this way.
  2. On an auto transporter that calls into the port. A car is loaded onto it, and it leaves for the specified city. An auto transporter transports 5-10 cars at once.

The main advantage is that the cost of transportation is lower than on a tow truck.


  • you have to wait when the required number of cars is assembled;
  • delivery only to the specified city.

We cooperate with trusted and honest carriers.

Service cost

You can find out how much our service will cost by looking at the prices in the table.

Услуга Цена
Odessa (Euroterminal) – Kiev tow truck 5500 UAH

car transporter 4500 UAH

Odessa (Euroterminal) – Kharkiv tow truck 8500 UAH

auto transporter UAH 6500

Odessa (Euroterminal) – Dnipro tow truck 7500 UAH

car transporter UAH 5500

Odessa (Euroterminal) – Lviv tow truck 9000 UAH

auto transporter UAH 6500