When importing a car into the territory of Ukraine, it is imperative to pass its certification and obtain an appropriate document. Without this procedure, it is impossible to register the car.

It will be needed first of all when registering a customs cleared car at the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. You can issue a certificate with the help of a customs broker or on your own.

Certification of a road vehicle is a specific procedure, as a result of which it is established that a vehicle (TC) is in compliance with all the norms and requirements established in Ukraine. This document is required to control the safety of an imported car so that its operation cannot harm the environment or the health and life of people.

Since January 1, 2016, such restrictions have become mandatory for the import or production of cars, followed by their registration in accordance with environmental standards and compliance with the necessary requirements: the vehicle must comply with certain Euro-5 standards, with the exception of those produced in Ukraine or imported into it. territory until 31.12.2015 inclusive.

It is worth considering that with the certification of cars from the United States, some problems may arise, since the regulatory act regulating this issue was adopted based on the requirements of European standards, and not all American cars comply with them. Now the problem is being solved with the introduction of the necessary edits in order to provide an opportunity to certify cars made in the USA.

When crossing the border, the appropriate documentation is drawn up, which allows you to go to the regional customs office located at the place of residence. It is advisable to immediately obtain a certificate of conformity, without which the vehicle cannot be cleared. To go through the customs clearance procedure after the car crossed the border, you are given 10 days, then another 10 days to register the car.

What documents will be required

The assessment of a car takes place in strict accordance with the existing procedure for approving the design of vehicles, their parts and equipment, established by law. For the procedure for obtaining a certificate, you must have the following documents:

  • a statement in the form approved by law;
  • consent to subsequent processing, as well as storage of your personal data;
  • a copy of the document confirming the registration of the vehicle, which was carried out earlier (brief);
  • a copy of the relevant financial document on the purchase of a car;
  • a copy of the accompanying documents issued at the border;
  • copies of documentation about those. vehicle characteristics and compliance (if any);
  • copies of the applicant’s passport and TIN.

The certificate can only be issued by a special body that has been accredited to provide such services. To avoid unforeseen situations, it is better to seek the help of qualified specialists in this matter.