Buying a car in the USA and Europe is considered a common practice for residents of Ukraine. A few years earlier, citizens were frightened by the complicated procedure for customs clearance of a car, but the new legislation on reducing excise taxes served to activate those residents of the state who have long dreamed of a high-quality foreign car, purchased with maximum savings. At the same time, the import and customs clearance of a vehicle requires special skills from the buyer, therefore, in order to avoid hassle and loss of time, it is worth turning to professionals for help.

Choosing a car

You can save money on buying a car if you consider the option of purchasing it at an auction in the United States. It offers a huge selection of new or used cars and trucks at an affordable price.

Before buying, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules that will make it possible to take advantage of preferential customs clearance conditions. Problems at customs can arise if you buy a car that is not suitable for import into the country:

  • the car was produced in Russia;
  • the car has a European class for cars not lower than Euro -2, buses and trucks – not lower than Euro 5;

You can check the data about a specific car using a special VIN-code – extra vigilance will not hurt, since later the “prohibited” model will be at customs, and not please you with its performance characteristics.

Before buying, it is also necessary to assess the possibilities of your budget, orient yourself with the brand and color of the car that you want to own. After that it is worth starting the search. The auctions work online – it will not be difficult to register for participation in them.

An important point is the timely purchase of the product you like, as well as the execution of all the necessary documents for payment and forwarding services . For everything about everything, buyers are given only a few days. But if the purchase procedure is entrusted to a specialized company, there will be no problems.

Providing turnkey services involves finding the car you need, buying it out, delivering it to Ukraine, passing customs control and obtaining permits after the arrival of the cargo, as well as technical verification, repair of the purchased used car. That is, your only concern will be to pay for the full package of services.

Which way to get to Ukraine?

Cargoes from America and Asia enter the country by sea. Customs clearance of cars purchased abroad is often carried out in Odessa. In recent years, the law prohibits “legal” border crossing and acceptance of cargo at any point that is not controlled by Kiev. On the border with the Russian Federation, as well as from the side of the temporarily occupied territories or the annexed Crimea, it is impossible to get into the country without problems.

How much does customs clearance cost

Buying a car from the USA and Europe involves spending not only on payment for the goods, but also on the registration of all the necessary permits at customs. Among the additional costs it is worth considering:

  • delivery of the car to the country;
  • payment of customs duties;
  • payment of excise tax;
  • VAT;
  • possible auto repair, if required;
  • registration of the certificate of conformity and registration in the MPEO

The amount of all duties and taxes depends on the technical condition of the car, the year of its production, and its value at the auction. The manufacturer does not matter if we are not talking about companies from the Russian Federation. You can calculate the estimated costs in advance using the online customs clearance calculator .

In order to avoid any problems with the delivery and subsequent passage of control at customs, the car buyer needs to collect a whole package of documents:

  • Title, American registration certificate for a car;
  • Invoice, invoice for payment for a car;
  • Bill of lading, bill of lading;
  • Passport or residence permit in Ukraine;
  • TIN code.

The cargo undergoes control in two stages: immediately before shipment, and then at the internal customs office. The procedure can take a lot of time if the buyer is not “savvy” and is ready for minor difficulties that often arise when the customs service evaluates a car.

A professional customs broker can speed up the procedure and make it painless for the buyer .

Where to find a broker

You can go through all the necessary stages from buying a car to directly using it yourself, but you will have to spend a lot of time and effort, as well as nerves, because the procedure is quite difficult, although it seems so at first glance. If a person does not have economic education and knowledge of all the “tricks” that are in the legislation, the goal in the end may not be achieved.

The help of a qualified customs broker is the best way out for those who have a dream, but do not know which way to move towards it. A specialist will help you to clear the purchased car through customs quickly and cheaply, because he has a certain level of experience in this industry.

A wide range of services at an affordable cost is provided by the Sea Way company – the # 1 expert in the field of transportation and customs clearance. Turning to professionals, you can be calm: your cargo will quickly pass the border and the necessary stages of control, and will get to you with a full package of necessary documents and assigned legal status in the shortest possible time.

The broker represents the interests of the client when working with the port, carriers, border guards and regulatory authorities. All kinds of risks and hassles are removed from the client, and favorable terms of cooperation allow you to save a lot of money.

Driving behind a car

Going through customs is not the last step that is required in order to get behind the wheel of a new car. Additionally, the vehicle must be registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Some of the documents required for this will be issued by customs control.

Also, before registering a car, you must obtain a certificate of conformity issued by Ukrstandartmetrologiya. For its registration, it may be necessary to repair the car, replace some spare parts, lighting devices. Tinted glass may not pass the check either. The car must have a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and serviceable seat belts.

You can drive a new car only after going through all the stages of registration, because otherwise the owner may have problems with the regulatory authorities on the roads.

Sea Way is a company that provides customers with a full range of services for the purchase, customs clearance and registration of cars from the USA and Europe. By entrusting the work to professionals, you can be sure that purchasing a cheap and high-quality vehicle will not take you much time and will not cause many problems. In the company you can order a comprehensive turnkey implementation of the task on the most favorable terms for yourself.