The procedure for putting on customs records of foreign economic activity

Persons who are engaged in foreign trade activities (conducting operations on the import or export of goods) must be registered at the office of Ukraine. Application for registration is performed only once when accessing the entrepreneur to the relevant authorities or at the time of the first transaction.

Economic agents are drawn to the location specified in the extract from the Unified State Register of legal entities and individuals. To register addresses the entrepreneur or his authorized representative. For this purpose, you can use electronic communication.

Documents for registration

Must provide the following official documents:

  • Card account in duplicate;
  • A copy of registration cards in electronic form;
  • Originals and legally certified copies of documents entrepreneur.

Legal entities must submit:

  • Extract from the documents confirming that the subject has the right to foreign trade activities, and a copy of it with the seal of the legal person;
  • A certificate of registration in the Unified State Register of Ukraine and its certified copy under seal.

Individuals need to provide:

  • Copy of the certificate, which confirms that the taxpayer has taken on the account.

Foreign representatives serving:

  • Certificate of registration of the foreign entity business activity in Ukraine and a copy certified by the public agency that conducted the registration;
  • A certificate of registration in the Unified State Register of Ukraine and its certified copy under seal.

Customs officials, which has the obligation to take account of the entrepreneur, checks documents for authenticity, matching copies of the originals, including electronic paper. A set of documents must be complete. Also checked compliance with the data in the card account and the provision of official papers. If aware of any violations, lack of identity documents or their lack of equipment, a customs officer refuses to take on accounting. When everything is in order, the entrepreneur make out. One copy of the card account remains with the customs authorities of Ukraine, along with other original documents transmitted to the exporter.