The impact of the reform on the Customs Service of Ukraine

In December of this year will be two years since, as have reformed customs Ukraine. Tax and Customs Service were merged into a single state agency. At first, he was under the Ministry of income and fees. He then moved to the Office of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. As affected by changes in the activities carried out by Ukrainian customs, said Anatoly Makarenko (head of Customs of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman GFSU). We will focus on the highlights of the information provided.

The negative aspects of the merger

Was absorbed customs tax administration. As a result, a number of important likvidivaron units: customs statistics, providing electronic declaration, registration database and control of energy. 25 destinations in customs brought in one department of the Ministry of income and fees. All this prevents the normal operation of the customs. Even at the level of paperwork having great difficulty. To register a formal paper in management, it is necessary to spend a lot of time. This slows down the entire workflow.
For a long time at the Customs Service were selected protective functions – to oppose the customs offenders. Just two weeks before the meeting of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko held in Odessa with the heads of law enforcement agencies, the ability to perform one of its basic customs duty back.
Cut the number of employees at seven thousand people. Accordingly, it reduced the effectiveness of the border guards.

Measures have been taken to combat the problems of customs

The most sensitive issue Ukrainian Customs Service is corruption. To solve this problem, take the following measures:
– Minimize contact declarants and border guards;
– Improve customs salary and benefits package to provide good;
– Enter the property responsibility of customs officers for damages Ukrainian business;
– Establish an independent body to fight corruption, as in the EU.

Movement of Ukraine to Europe involves the gradual introduction of European standards in our country. They will help to deal with corruption. The implementation of these rules will start from January 1, 2016. It will also simplify the procedure for obtaining funding for the renewal of equipment, the introduction of changes in the electronic databases and modernization of the border.
A significant innovation in the customs was the introduction of “single window” in the ports of Ukraine. While this practice is only being tested. The pilot project has already been launched in Odessa. “Single Window” allows you to completely trace the path of cargo – from the entrance to the port and at all points of movement. It gives an opportunity to see whether there are delays in some form of control (clearance of goods, etc.). Plans to introduce the practice in other ports of Ukraine.
Thus, being gradually work to increase the efficiency of the performance of its functions customs and adaptation of European standards in the field of customs.