Refrigerated transport | Sea Way

Refrigerated containers ( Refrigerated container ) – container equipped with a refrigeration unit . Due to which it is possible to maintain the desired temperature in the range from -35 to + 30 degrees.The company Sea Way understands how important the safety of the cargo , especially when it comes to frozen or perishable foods. We guarantee uninterrupted delivery of cargo in refrigerated trucks from door to door . We carry a variety of frozen : meat and meat products, canned food and dairy products , chocolate and confectionery products , fish and seafood , vegetables and fruits, fungi, plants and flowers , cosmetics and chemical products , medical treatments , including “dangerous goods” .

Our company is a straight-line agent in the direction of Egypt and China to Odessa / Ilyichevsk. And to offer direct service.Refrigerated sea container – up to a maximum weight of 26 tons, the volume of 66 m3.Refrigerated container transport requires careful calculation and is not limited only to the transport by sea. To calculate the cost of shipping goods by sea refrigerated containers, please send us an email: cargo data:

-Location of goods

-Gross and net weight

-Address of delivery

-Shipping Name