Odessa has the status of customs export

It is known that South Customs Department revenues and fees has permanent status eksporttoorientiruemoy. This is due to the fact that through its borders more goods exported to foreign countries than imported. The advantage of the volume of exports over imports makes it possible to provide foreign trade operations not only with America and Europe, but also from Asia, as well as other states. Trading partners have become entrepreneurs from 158 countries of the world. After analyzing the data and economic relations, the following trends can be noted. Most export goods to Asian countries – 53%, while imports from them is 48%; followed by the countries of the European Union – 30% of exports and imports – 32%, the minimum income we receive from the CIS – 2% of the exported goods, and 2% are imported. On the other States the ratio of exports and imports of the following – 16% and 18%. Also South Customs has ongoing partnership with Egypt (7% of total trade), Turkey (7%) and India (8%).

If we talk about importing, here the first three places belong to China (21%), Australia (10%) and the United States (9%). Most imported into the territory of Ukraine of transport machinery and equipment (23%) and food products (20%) and fuel (19%).

Through Odessa customs in other countries export to the predominant amount foodstuffs (58%), followed by metals and products made of them (20%), least of all exported mineral products – 7%.
Over the past 8 months of the current year revenues to the government of Ukraine from South Customs totaled 11.5 billion. US dollars. These official data provided press service of the Ministry of State Administration and income taxes in the Odessa region. Accordingly productive work of customs officers of the Odessa region is expressed in large profits brought by our state.