For a long time, China has become the best trading point for people from almost all over the world . Chasing favorable prices, suitable quality, more and more people want to buy in the Middle Kingdom. And much more willing to make purchases in the country , using the Internet.

And the first thing that comes to mind is ” Alibaba “, which takes pride of place among the virtual trading platforms. This is one of the most famous virtual stores in China. Sales on this trading floor reach colossal figures, which are in the billions.

Many people stop at this site. But those looking for quality products from China should be aware that there are many other alternatives that are just as good.

Therefore, the company ” Sea Way ” gives advice to customers that before making a decision, it is worth looking for information about the products that are of interest to other resources. Even if the same suppliers from China appear on them , the client will still be able to obtain more extensive information, including data, certificates, and so on. All of these can be very helpful in finding the most suitable option.

In addition, the company reminds that in addition to searching on its own, there are two other ways on the Internet that will allow you to find a supplier in China. In the first case, it is better to order marketing research (China suppliers) from specialists. The second is to attend different trade events . Also with the help of Sea Way .

Whatever it is, we want our customers to get the best results when they look for suppliers in China. Browse the best Chinese virtual markets and make your choice.

List of virtual marketplaces in China

Among the variety of Chinese virtual platforms, the following deserve special attention:

  • Alibaba . The playground apartment is located in Hangzhou, China. This is the largest portal in the world of b2b search and has long become a real example for suppliers from China. Usually, this is where people initially come looking for goods from a given country. Lists t Owari and suppliers here are tsya most and huge and in the world. But here too there are many claims that there are selling fakes, what director « the Alibaba » considers slander. It also happens that the buyer is faced with fraud. Today, this marketplace is the largest among the technological options;
  • DHgate . H ahoditsya in Beijing. It is a wholesale virtual marketplace where you can find products at good prices. Usually, prices are lower than on other trading platforms. The peculiarity of this platform is that there are special payment processing. The seller receives money only after the client confirms that he has received the goods;
  • Global Sources . Holds exhibitions on a regular basis, helping organizations to match customers with suppliers that are credible and have a good reputation. The headquarters is located in Hong Kong.
  • Made-in-China . The headquarters is located in Nanjing. A trading platform for communication between customers and suppliers. Even a beginner will understand the interface here;
  • China Suppliers . Located in Beijing. Considered exclusive to the government market. The interface is a bit complicated, but this does not prevent it from being useful, having a huge list of different products from Chinese suppliers.
  • OFweek . It specializes in electronics and technology. The headquarters is located in Shenzhen . The site is well designed and has a large selection of products. If you want to buy equipment, it is better to find an opportunity to test it before purchasing.
  • AliExpress . Located in Hangzhou. It was launched as a platform for companies that wanted to sell their products to foreigners. Not only manufacturers work here, but also those who are engaged in resale. You should also beware of scammers.
  • HKTDC . Located in Hong Kong. Managed by the Trade Development Board, it helps companies in this city to connect with clients around the world.
  • DIYTrade . This company is located in Hong Kong. A lightweight and accessible site that offers millions of products to choose from. Here you can buy both underwear and ball bearings.
  • ECVV . The headquarters is located in Shenzhen . It can be said to be a bridge between manufacturing and customers that helps salespeople improve their business.
  • EC21. In terms of the headquarters is located in South Korea in the city of Seoul. It occupies a clear position in the leading markets, and is popular among those who are engaged in trade;
  • MakePolo . The headquarters is located in Beijing. The search function works here, as it does on other virtual trading platforms. On the resource, you can see a huge selection of products, suppliers, but the pages are loaded for a long time.
  • ECPlaza . The headquarters is located in South Korea, in the city of Seoul. There is a huge selection of suppliers from China, their products are easy to find.
  • Global Market . The headquarters is located in Guangzhou city . This trading platform has managed to establish trusting relationships with the best suppliers in China.
  • Tradekey . Regarding the headquarters, it is located in Saudi Arabia, in the city of Riyadh. This site provides a good selection of suitable products.
  • Asian Products . A company from Taiwan. He focuses on working with suppliers from Thailand and the Middle Kingdom. Considered an old-fashioned site, but there is a lot of information that is quite useful.
  • B 2 B Manufacturers . Also from Taiwan , which is dedicated to suppliers from China and Thailand. A huge list of goods, but among them equipment for industry deserves special attention.
  • Yiwubuy . R is located in Yiwu , which is in China. It sells goods from regular stores so that it can be purchased online. This is especially useful on Browse et before send s camping where were going.
  • B2B China Sources . Here they promise the goods of the quality of Thailand at the Chinese price, that before the headquarters, it is also in China.
  • Taiwan Trade . Located in Taiwan, allows you to find ready-made goods from Thailand on the site.

A store where everything is in Chinese

Those who live in China can look for good products at good prices. And if you know Chinese, then you can refer to the following resources:

  • 1688 . In fact, this is a version of Alibaba’s website , but the prices here are much lower than on the first resource. As for the headquarters, it is located in Hangzhou.
  • GongChang . Here they sell large-sized machines, equipment for various types of industries. With regard to the headquarters, it is located in the city of Zhengzhou in the Middle Kingdom.
  • HC360 . Located in Beijing, the leading domestic trade site.

Among the entire list, you can choose what you think is the best option for your own benefit.