For Ukrainian companies and entrepreneurs the advantages of cooperation with Chinese suppliers are obvious. In China, a lot of manufactured goods (from the cheap consumer goods to modern electronics and precision equipment), which can be purchased at low prices. So for businesses wishing to expand or reduce the range of costs for the purchase of raw materials or finished products, the establishment of business relations with partners from China – one of the most promising areas of development.

To those who are thinking about the need to cooperate with Asian suppliers, the question inevitably arises: how to order goods from China to Ukraine? There are two ways: to make the process independently or shift some responsibilities to the company-contractor familiar with the peculiarities of the production and import of raw materials from China.

  • Ukrainian and Russian – is not the most common languages in China, and even English has no one in ten Chinese. The language barrier – this is a serious obstacle in the search for suppliers, and in communicating with partners, and in the organization of the process of delivery of goods to Ukraine.
  • Flight to the other end of the globe – is a time and money. Business travel in China is unlikely to be called rest and visit exotic countries, because most of the major cities, which are concentrated Chinese industry (Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shanghai, etc.) – Is industrial centers, and they have nothing to offer tourists .
  • Communication with Chinese customs – exactly the same “fun” as attempts to prove the correctness of their Ukrainian “colleagues” in the bureaucracy. Therefore, to the untrained human cargo customs declaration when sending goods from China – it’s a hassle and paperwork.

How to do it faster, easier and cheaper?

An alternative way of organizing one-off or regular supply of goods from China to Ukraine – a partnership with SeaWay. Feedback from our customers show that it is beneficial and convenient, because we know how to order the goods from China to Ukraine and deliver it as soon as possible.

  • As China’s largest industrial centers, we have representatives that have excellent command of Chinese, English and Russian, know the local mentality and peculiarities of the market. They help of dozens of manufacturers producing the desired product, choose a supplier whose proposal best meets your requirements for price, quality, delivery times or other parameters.
  • Shipping and transportation of containers and freight is organized in such a way as to deliver the goods quickly (30-45 days from port to port) and inexpensive. We transport goods from China on scheduled flights of major shipping lines, offering competitive rates and guarantee delivery on time.
  • Declaration of goods in China, and customs clearance of goods in Ukraine are engaged experienced brokers who know the features and nuances of working with local customs. Representing the interests of the client, they are engaged in paperwork, check how well accrued payments and otherwise contribute to the speedy loading of cleared goods onto trucks or rail cars.

Prices for services companies SeaWay, the cost of transportation of containers and cargoes from China to Ukraine, and lead times are listed on the website. If you have any further questions, we are ready to answer them.