The Chinese auto industry offers a huge number of electric vehicles, from very expensive to quite budget. The curiosity of many is caused by one of the cheapest cars on the market, which can only be compared with an electric scooter, Changli. However, she is very far from a real car.

Most electric car enthusiasts are looking towards China, since most of these cars are produced there today. For them, we will tell you how to buy an electric car from China, what will be its cost, how to bring it and clear it in Ukraine.

How much will a car from China cost

The cost of an electric car from China starts from 4 – 5 thousand US dollars. These are the most budget options. You can buy a used electric car from China with low mileage. Only completely intact cars are allowed for sale, without damage and always “on the go”.

If you are faced with the task of how to buy an electric car cheaply, you should contact our company, which will select an inexpensive vehicle with good characteristics for you.

The final cost of any Chinese electric car will consist of:

  • electric vehicle prices in China;
  • delivery amounts to the port of Ukraine;
  • cost of customs clearance services;
  • forwarder fees;
  • the cost of our turnkey support services.

What other costs will be:

  • certification;
  • if necessary, transportation of the car to your location;
  • PF collection;
  • registration.

All prices are listed on our website. If you have any questions, you can contact the managers who will answer them exhaustively.

Delivery and payment for a car from China

The Chinese auto industry offers a large selection of vehicles. We will help you navigate the variety of goods on the market, tell you about the cost, terms, bring your car and hand it over to you.

What we offer

We help those who wish to become owners of electric cars with services for the purchase and delivery of cars on a turnkey basis. Cars are available for purchase in any configuration. Also, the client can order the purchase of the vehicle he liked, which he found on his own. These can be cars from small to trucks.

Electric vehicles from China are produced by leading companies. This is:

  • BAIC;
  • BYD;
  • Geely;
  • JAC;

Also available are well-known brands made in China such as:

  • Volkswagen;
  • Audi;
  • Hyundai;
  • Honda;
  • Renault;

You can buy a Chinese electric car in Ukraine new or used.

Our managers:

  • help with selection;
  • tell about the characteristics of the electric car;
  • I will inform you about all the features of the car;
  • will show photos of exactly the vehicle you choose.

After the selection of the vehicle is completed, an agreement is concluded. It includes conditions for the purchase, delivery, customs clearance of electric vehicles from China.

If the buyer wishes, the electric car can be checked at a service station in China for an additional fee.


New electric cars imported to Ukraine will have a guarantee, the minimum period of which is — 3 years (body). On the battery — 8 years. For charging — 5 thousand cycles.

But it does not apply to previously operated cars.


After the conclusion of the contract and the prepayment, the Chinese electric car is brought to the port and loaded into a container for transportation to Ukraine (Chernomorsk).

Terms — from two to three months.

Customs clearance of a car from China

You can buy a budget electric car from China, used or premium. To use any of them, you will need to carry out customs clearance. It is included in the cost of turnkey services.

The cost of customs clearance of an electric car in Ukraine is 1 US dollar per 1 kW of car power. And it does not raise the price of a Chinese electric car much.