Customs Clearance of Goods in Ukraine at Low Prices

Since 2016, buying a car for Ukrainians has become more profitable from abroad than buying in Ukraine. A significant difference in price, better condition of roads and cars, reduced excise tax compel compatriots to choose a car in the USA or Europe. The next step after purchase is a customs clearance of a car.

Customs clearance of a car from Europe

The Law of Ukraine No. 3251 from August 1, 2016 made it possible to buy a car from Europe is more profitable than the same in Ukraine. When customs clearing a car from the EU, it is important to consider the following to apply the preferential excise tax rate:

  • The law applies only to car brands younger than 2010 that fall under the environmental control of Euro-5. Since 2020, the law applies to cars younger than 2015 of release (Euro-6).
  • 1 car per year for 1 Ukrainian.
  • The purchased car is registered in the name of the buyer. In order not to travel to the country of purchase on your own, it is enough to agree with the dealer or broker on the preparation of a document in your name.
  • You must personally cross the border on the purchased car or write out a power of attorney to the carrier.
  • It must be at least 1 year before you sell a purchased European car.

Cost of customs clearance of a car in 2017

In order to understand the final price of a car in Ukraine, you need to know the cost of customs clearance. Customs payments consist of:

a) Excise duty (in Euro / cm);

b) Customs duty (10% of the cost of the car);

c) VAT 20%

Excise duty is calculated based on the cm in the engine.
Excise rates for gasoline-powered cars:

Volume of gasoline engine, in l Cost in Euro per cm3.
1-1.5 0,063
1.5-2.2 0,267
2,2l-3 0,276
Over 3 2,209

Excise tax rates on diesel cars:

Calculation of the value of customs clearance using an example of a car with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with a value of 4,500 Euros

  1. Calculation of excise duty X:
    X = 1600 cm * 0.267 euros = 427.2 euros.
  2. Customs Duty Y:
    Y = 4,500 euros * 10% = 450 euros (based on 10% duty).
  3. VAT (20%) Z:
    Z = (4500 euros + 427.2 euros + 450 euros) * 20% = 5377.2 euros * 20% = 1075.44 Euro.
  4. Calculation of customs payments N:
    N = X + Y + Z = 427.2 + 450 + 1075.44 = 1952.74 Euro

Conclusion: The cost of customs clearance of a 1.6 liter gasoline car for 4,500 Euro after August 1, 2016 is 1952.74 Euro.

Additional expenses also include broker services, expert opinion, certificate of compliance and customs terminal services

For customs clearance of cars from Europe, you need to have the following documents:

  • 2 data sheets;
    Expert opinion on the price of a car;
    Brokerage agreement;
    Passport of a citizen of Ukraine and tax number;
    Receipt of payment for customs terminal services;
    Certificate of Compliance;
    Certificate from the forwarder on transportation costs.

Customs clearance of a car from Poland

Most often, Ukrainians choose European cars from Poland. This is closer, prices are significantly lower than in Germany, and the quality of the roads is decent. Therefore, buying and clearing a car in Odessa, Ukraine with mileage from Poland is a popular solution among compatriots. The process of acquiring a car from Poland does not differ from customs clearance from other European countries. If you have questions about the customs clearance of a European car, use our customs calculator, contact the representative of our company in Odessa, Yuzhny, Chernomorsk (Illichivsk) in a convenient way.

Customs clearance of a car from the USA: auction buyback, delivery, time, price

You decided to buy a car at auction in the USA, deliver the car to Odessa and clear it. We will help you, our company provides a full range of services! Buy a car in America    this can be done independently or through a friend. But you as a buyer will not save anything if you do this for the first time. The Sea Way company with an office in Miami makes a choice with you, buys, delivers and cleans turnkey cars from all US auctions: Copart, Manheim, Adesa, IAAI. Buying a car in the USA at auction is a profitable decision.

US selection and purchase procedure:

  1. Buyer contact US representative.
  2. Your request and wishes are discussed. The goal is set.
  3. Car search is carried out online, and you get 5-10 car options with photos and a full description.
  4. After you have decided what interests you, the agent goes to the auction, watches and tests the cars.
  5. After testing the car from America, a final selection of models is made, for which we will fight for you.

Car price in the USA

The cost is formed as follows:
1. There is no fixed price at the auction, but the agent has access to sales statistics, and having experience, he can guess at what price it will be possible to buy a car from the USA.
2. Before bidding, if you want to buy a car, you need a deposit of $ 1000 or 10% of the estimated cost of the car.
3. The deposit is transferred to the SeaWay office in Odessa.
4. After buying a car at auction, within 2 days, you need to pay the full cost of the car.

Auto delivery options from USA:

  1. If you pay for the car, please pay a shipment to the port for navigation and to the port of Odessa. Umovna wartіst $ 800-1400 from the auction to Odessa-port. Delivery of one car from New Jersey to Odessa is $ 800.


  1. Termin warehouse deliveryє 35-45 days from the time of purchase of the car at the auction.

Reconciliation of gasoline and diesel cars in Ukraine on payback 3 payments:

  • in the past mito in rozmіrі 10% of the total number of cars.
  • excise zbіr , to lay down the car’s sight, about the engine and the type of fire.
  • MPE in rosemary 20% of the total sum of bartosti + total mito + excise tax.

Sea Way Company is engaged in customs clearance of cars from the USA, Korea, China, Canada and transit through Ukraine to Moldova and Transnistria. We have been working since 2005. We know all the details of customs clearance of cars from the USA. Our specialists in Odessa will help you deal with all issues, and our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Private individuals and large car dealerships to avoid paperwork in customs turn to the customs broker, who becomes their representative at the customs. For us, the process of customs clearance of cars in Odessa or Chernomorsk daily work. We, as specialists of a brokerage company, check and prepare all documents, correctly fill out and register declarations in customs.

Customs clearance of cars in Ukraine is fast and well-coordinated. Thanks to such work, cars do not stay in customs and quickly get to their owners.

You are wondering how to clear a car? If we talk about cars with a gasoline or diesel engine, the cost of customs clearance is such that it is advantageous to import gasoline up to 3 liters., Diesel up to 2.5 liters, inclusive. The most popular are broken cars from the USA. How to clear a car a beaten answer is simple, at the price of an invoice. Our company is engaged in customs clearance of not only new cars, but also used cars. Buying a car from America is a simple process, you choose on the auction sites we redeem. Given the low purchase price of such cars, this is a good offer for car enthusiasts who want to drive cars from the United States. Customs clearance of preferential machines does not need to think that it is very expensive. How much does it cost to clear a car

Environmental control has been introduced for vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines:
-not lower than the EURO-5 level from January 1, 2016;
-not lower than the level of EURO-6 from January 1, 2020 to rock.

Prices for delivery of cars from the USA

Prices are per container, which can be from 1 to 4 cars


Transit time:

New York shipment carries is ZIM, PORT-PORT TT 39 дней
Miami shipment carrier is MSK, PORT-PORT TT 30 дней
Los Angeles shipment carrier is CMA-CGM, PORT-PORT TT 60 дней

Cars are loaded at their own stevedoring facilities in Los Angeles, Miami and New York.

Delivery of a car from the USA, the price includes the following services:

– delivery of an empty container to the stevedoring complex
car reception at the stevedoring complex
loading a car into a container
-provision of separation material and rigging necessary for securing the vehicle in a container
-fixing the car in a container
delivery of the loaded container to the port of shipment
-Teo at the port of shipment
Passage through port formalities at port of shipment
customs clearance at the port of shipment
-loading a loaded container on board the vessel at the port of shipment
-sea transportation of the loaded container to the port of Odessa

The following services are not included in the bid:
– unloading a loaded container from the ship at the port of destination (a separate invoice can be issued separately at the standard tariffs of the shipping company, in accordance with the requirements of the shipping company).

Payment for the services provided is made upon the arrival of the container at the port of destination:

  • in foreign currency to the account of the head office of the Transcontinental logistics company Sea Way, registered in the USA, payment for the services of all correspondent banks at the expense of the payer.
  • in Ukrainian hryvnias at the NBU rate to the settlement account of the Ukrainian representative office of the transcontinental logistics company Sea Way, registered in Ukraine.

Electric cars: efficiency and environmental friendliness

The company organizes the supply of cars Tesla, Nissan Leaf, GM Chevrolet Volt. We, like you, understand that the future lies in the rational use of resources. Therefore, the direction of delivery of electric vehicles from the USA is a priority for us. We will help you buy a car in America. We suggest you make a car order from America.

Often the question arises: how much is the customs clearance of an electric car in Ukraine? The answer is simple. The buyer pays for the electric car:


  • Excise duty 109.129 EUR
  • 20% VAT

Also, our customs clearance calculator is suitable for calculation. Registration of the certificate of conformity is 6500 UAH. Services of a customs broker for filling out and filing a customs declaration 600 USD.

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