Which companies will be able to obtain the status of authorized economic operator?

GFSU developed changes to the Customs Code, according to which the Ukrainian companies will be able to obtain the status of authorized economic operators. This status gives preference to exporters from the state for customs clearance of goods. Accordingly, this procedure will be held under the simplified scheme. In particular, it will be possible to make out the goods without giving a certificate of origin. Also exporter receives the right to fill out a customs declaration. According Evroassotsiatsii Authorized Economic Operators of all signatories to the document, to recognize each other. This indicates that after the transition to free trade zone authorized Ukrainian exporters in cooperation with the countries of Europe will have the same rights in the state. Acting between Ukraine and the European Union unilateral preferential treatment will go into full-fledged Zone in 2016.

Status, giving special incentives and priorities will have companies that:

  • Worked with preferential commodity groups at least one year;
  • For their activities never violated customs legislation;
  • Had no violations in determining the origin of goods;
  • Have no debt on all types of customs duties;
  • Provide access to information about the customs of production.

Companies should organize all their internal affairs and bring them into this kind to the customs service has always had access to them. This applies to the electronic format of information and documentation.

That the mechanism of the authorized operator earned in our country, it is necessary to take appropriate law. The bill was prepared in October 2014, but due to reformatting GFS froze its completion.

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