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Uncontrolled timber exports to Ukraine could lead to unintended consequences

Ukrainian customs officials fear that the country could take all wood. To avoid unintended consequences for the economy, environment and society as a whole, it is necessary to take urgent measures to control this issue. There is a real threat to the entire export of raw wood abroad Ukraine. Customs propose effective measures to prevent the uncontrolled export of fuel treated and untreated wood. This alarm message is received from the press service of Anatoliy Makarenko (Deputy Chairman of the State Fiscal Service).

According to the national customs, in the period from January to September outside Ukraine were exported 1.358 million tons of fuel wood, which is 27% more than in the same nine months of 2013. These growing figures do not bode well for the country. This threatens environmental degradation and prevents the development of the industry. Ukrainian forest are cut down and almost sent for processing. Exported raw materials. Accordingly, the domestic industry is not involved in foreign trade operations. Compounding the situation is that not all businesses comply with the laws of Ukraine on this issue and to replenish the treasury in the proper amount.

Anatoliy Makarenko proposes to implement the following measures:

  1. Enter the licensing and quotas for timber, as well as to resolve the issue regarding the establishment of tax for this type of exported goods.
  2. To introduce specific changes to the Tax Code of Ukraine. Proposed to include timber objects that are subject to the fee for special use of forest resources, the country exported abroad under the customs export or processing outside the customs. Such a change should be made to section 12 of the article "The fee for special use of forest resources."
  3. Make changes on the issuing of the certificate about the origin of timber and lumber made from them in the document Temporary order.

These ways of dealing with an excessive volume of timber exports should settle all the more complicated the situation.

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