Ukraine goes to the indicative rate of the dollar instead of a fixed

Anyone worried about the dollar entrepreneur in his country of residence, especially if the activity of a businessman linked to clearing customs. Accordingly, what is happening in Ukraine, it directly concerns. Ukrainian hryvnia to the dollar - an important issue that requires careful consideration. </ P>

The National Bank of Ukraine has announced that from November 5 dollar goes into free-swimming, and its rate will be determined by market mechanisms. Daily control in the first half of the day will be held at auctions "Dutch scheme" not in order to satisfy the current demand for the currency, and to determine the rate of the US dollar. This will occur for 3-6 months. </ P>

The auction will exhibit an amount of 5 to 10 million dollars. It will be able to participate in the 88 Ukrainian banks, which are set by the National Bank of Ukraine credit limits. Apply for a bank can to 10.00. Minimum amount per order - $ 100,000, one step is also $ 100,000. The maximum amount of applications - 10% of the total auction. This will apply a special procedure "rollback" of speculative applications. </ P>

As a result, 11.00 Ukrainian market will receive the recommended daily (indicative) the dollar, rather than fixed, as it was before. </ p>

According to the Chairman of the NBU Valeria Gontareva, the transition to market mechanisms of regulation of the economy was made possible thanks to the improvement of the macroeconomic forecasts, the stabilization of the political situation and issues on gas supplies to Ukraine. All this has created fertile ground for refusal from the administrative control restrictions. Tasks set by the National Bank, - gradually establish the equilibrium exchange rate. This will facilitate and auctions conducted on a daily basis. </ P>

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