Turkey will be strengthened monitoring vehicles entering the country

Republic of Turkey has introduced new, more strenuous, customs controls at entry to vehicles. Now, in addition to inspection by border guards, each vehicle crossing the border of the state, will scan the system checkpoint. On such a decision, said the Minister of Customs and Trade of Turkey Nurettin Dzhanikli, came to this position in the current year. </ P>

All this is done in order to strengthen controls at the borders of the current instability in the region. Also, the introduction of such a procedure will help to speed up the work of checkpoints. </ P>

A similar system as the test has been implemented in Turkey to scan cargo trains in May 2014. She successfully passed the test, and soon will be used fully. For the first time launch a PPC was made on the border with the state of Iran in the province of Van. </ P>

The new scanning system detects radioactive elements, so it will help to establish the ecological safety of the vehicle that is going to pass on the territory of Turkey. This is an additional advantage of supervisory equipment which is worth mentioning separately. </ P>

The new checkpoint is worth 3 million euros. This was stated by the former Minister of Trade and customs of the country Hayati Yazici. I should say that on the territory of the Republic of Turkey operates a total of 22 CPR. Currently 8 of them modernized systems, and by the end of this year, the government plans to convert another 5. On modernization was spent in 2013, 265, 2 million. Liras. The Turkish government is doing everything possible to ensure the safety of its citizens. </ P>

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