The number of companies that minimize the import duty was reduced tenfold

GFSU deputy head Anatoliy Makarenko at the last meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee dealing with preventing and combating corruption, said the number of "company-minimizers" is now in the tens, not hundreds, as it was previously.

These results fiscal authorities reached in a relatively short period of time. Just six months ago, companies that illegally reduced import duties on products, there were hundreds. Today the number has declined and this mark does not reach. Due to the implementation of the fraudulent schemes Ukrainian treasury does not counts hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now the situation is corrected. State Fiscal Service and Customs of Ukraine shall make every effort that the number of "company-minimizers" reduced to zero, and the import duty is paid in full. Anatoliy Makarenko said that these companies change names, trying to escape from justice. Today it can be "Alpha" tomorrow "Beta", but the fiscal authorities continue to crack down on illegal activities of enterprises.

Indicators are improving in all areas of commerce. So, for example, in 2014 with a cargo of container on average received about 9,000 dollars of duties and taxes. Now this figure has increased significantly. Now charged 12-13 thousand dollars with the same amount of container that is unlawful reduction of the state fee becomes less attractive for entrepreneurs.

Noticeable improvement and illegal imports of mobile devices. Recall that this point has always been one of the most painful for customs. To date, on the indicators of October 2014, the number of illegally imported gadgets reduced to 10% of the total volume of imported products.

Thus, the effectiveness of the fiscal bodies increases, which positively affects the replenishment of Ukraine.

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