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The most unusual finds from Ukrainian customs

During the last quarter of this year, which just did not find the Ukrainian customs while attempting to cross the border of the citizens of the state: a huge consignment of drugs smuggled weapons, rare precious things, even a manual for snipers. Similar findings were seized from their owners and sent to a special warehouse. What to do with them on, the court shall decide. Dwell on unconventional things found by Customs officers. </ P>

A huge consignment of drugs was found in a van on the border with Poland in the post "Rava-Russian" (Lviv region). When viewed from here on "green corridor" machine dog named Jango showed concern. A more thorough inspection showed that the criminals were trying to smuggle nearly 257 kilograms of hashish. Head of Customs Service Anatoliy Makarenko spaniel named the most honest and uncorrupt their employees. The cost of the seized drugs on the black market - about 51 million hryvnia. </ P>

No less unusual finds for Ukrainian customs officers became pound coin with the image of the mouse and diamonds for eyes. This gem was found in 54-year-old from Kiev airport "Juliani." The coins were minted Australian Mint in honor of the Year of the Mouse. Jewel refers to the "lunar series" coins. </ P>

Also, customs officials seized a lot of different weapons, including one that is a rarity. This saber XIX century, and expandable batons (it edged weapons, banned in many countries of the world), and revolvers. And found a lot of training literature for snipers, and military intelligence. </ P>

A lot of things trying to smuggle across the "green corridor", so now increasingly inspect the citizens who use it to cross the border. How to speak Ukrainian customs officers, it's not too much. </ P>

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