The member countries of GUAM discussed the main directions of cooperation

17 and 18 December 2014 in Odessa held a regular meeting of the GUAM (Organization for Democracy and Economic Development). At the 21st meeting of the Project Steering Committee on Trade and Transport Facilitation discussed the issues of partnership in the customs and border areas and identified the main directions of further development of relations between the four countries.

Recall that GUAM was formed in 1997 and consists of Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova Azeybardzhana. Abbreviation organization created from the initial letters of the States Parties. 7 years (1999-2005) was a member of the GUAM, and Uzbekistan. At the moment, there were only four participating countries.

At the last meeting of the GFS was deputy head of Ukraine Anatoliy Makarenko Viktorovich. He spoke about the main directions of reforming the Ukrainian customs system, measures taken to reorganize the work, and the results achieved.

According to Anatoly Makarenko, signing Evroassotsiatsii, the formation of free trade zones with the European countries accelerate the processes of modernization and helps to make the interaction between Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Azeybardzhana more effective in the framework of GUAM.

During the meeting, a draft Protocol was signed between the administrations of the customs services of the participating countries. This document confirms the mutual recognition of the four states of customs inspection of exported and imported goods, as well as vehicles with registration control authorities. Such cooperation will facilitate the procedure of movement of goods and transport across borders, members of the GUAM.

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