The joint struggle against smuggling and autoimporters GFS Ukraine

Unstable political and economic situation in our country seriously affected the sales of passenger cars, which, according to "Ukravtoproma" fell by 54%. In Ukraine, purchased during this period 89,391 piece new passenger cars. Simultaneously plummeted slightly more than three times the tax revenues to the treasury of the auto import. State Fiscal Service says that in 2013 income was $ 93 million, and in 2014 - only $ 30 million. This is due not only to the low purchasing power of the population, but also to the activities of shady business. "Grey" Ukrainian car to cross the border and sells products for illegal schemes, understating the present value of cars. Thus, the taxes not paid in full or not at all paid. From such trading activity suffers not only the State Treasury of Ukraine, but also honest importers who do business transparently. To solve the problem, it was decided to join forces and GFS Ukrainian auto importers in the fight against smuggling. To this end, the deputy chairman Anatoly V. GFSU Makarenko and CEO of All-Ukrainian Association of Automobile Importers Oleg Nazarenko signed a memorandum of cooperation.

According to the document the customs guarantee to provide honest importers fast and transparent import of goods, and Ukrainian Association is committed to providing comprehensive information on foreign cars of the State Fiscal Service. Autoimporters have access to manufacturing plants, European databases. This makes it possible to realistically assess the value of the imported vehicle. Knowing the accurate information is much easier to prevent fraudulent tricks entrepreneurs who in the documents on expensive cars fixed price is ten times lower. GFS cooperation and association Vseukarinskoy autoimporters will be fruitful.

Vigorous activity customs significantly reduced the number of shadow companies import new cars. At present it is only 15%, while three months ago it was 30%, and 40% one year ago. The signing of the memorandum is aimed at the complete destruction of the "gray" market and ensure fair competition in the field of auto import.

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