The intention of the Government of Ukraine to give up quarantine certificate

At a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, held on 28 January this year, Minister of Economic Development Aivaras Abromavicius said that the Kiev government intends to abolish compulsory quarantine certificate receipt. This is an official document issued on plants, fruits and vegetables and contains evidence that the products are not contaminated with any harmful germs, disease and grown in a quarantine area.

Aivaras Abromavicius suggests that such changes will result in the business of agriculture in line with European standards. Minister focuses on the following: in Ukraine quarantine area is every single area of the region, in the EU it covers the entire territory of the European Union. Cancel the issuance of compulsory quarantine certificate will simplify all the processes of foreign economic activity. In addition, the minister said that the agro-industrial sector, the Ukrainian government will allocate more than 1 billion hryvnia.

Ministry of Economic Development also insists to reduce the time of issuance of phytosanitary certificate for grain traders. This procedure should take no longer than one day, then all the corruption mechanisms will be in vain. At this point in our country, a phytosanitary certificate is issued within five days, whereas in Denmark - just two hours and in other European countries the terms are minimal. Excessive duration of the procedure promotes corruption. Reducing the time of issue will return to the state budget up to one billion hryvnia. It is very important for the country, especially in the economic crisis.

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