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Simplify handling in Ukrainian ports via ISPS

Anatoliy Makarenko on the Kiev forum dedicated to the development of Ukrainian customs, said the port community information system (ISPS) to be adapted to the Ukrainian ports. State Fiscal Service is going to join the system, thereby increasing the level of management and electronic-technical equipment Customs Service of Ukraine.

Deputy Head of the GFS argues that the introduction of information systems begged port community work forwarders, importers, exporters and other people who are involved in shipping goods. Time handling reduced. At the moment, the average processing time takes in the "South" port - 2 hours, in Odessa - about 4 hours, Iyichevck - 6 to 8 hours.

Anatoliy Makarenko said that GFSU came to the signing of the agreement on the ISPS. Although the port community has different points of view on this system, European experts give it a very high score. Actively its use in Ukrainian ports will help improve the efficiency of related goods.

Information System port community - a special organizational and technological system that ensures the use (processing, storage, transmission, and so on) of official documents and information by public authorities in electronic form. The presence of such a unified framework greatly simplifies the work of the load.

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