Sampling goods staff GFSU

Authorized persons body GFSU based on written authorization signed by the head of the body itself, take a sample of the goods in such cases:

  1. for the classification of products according to the Ukrainian classifier of products of foreign trade activities;
  2. to test the value of the goods declared by the owner;
  3. to establish the country of origin of the goods;
  4. in order to determine whether the product belongs to narcotic, toxic, psychotropic substances or precursors;
  5. to establish a relationship of goods to the subjects that have archaeological, historical or artistic value;
  6. to establish membership of goods to items made using the intellectual property rights that are protected by law.

Samples of the goods may be taken only by authorized persons GFS and reasoned written decision. When exporting goods customs examination is carried out on-site administration. According to the resolution of the State Fiscal Service may take samples and in the warehouse, storage location to establish the identity of the exported goods with samples taken earlier.

Declarant while taking the sample has the right to be present.

GFS bodies should receive the results of all examinations conducted by the declarant or his authorized person in other organs, no later than the day after they are ready.

The declarant will not be reimbursed for his analysis and examination of goods that are under customs control.
Expenditures for the examination conducted by GFS bodies shall not be reimbursed by the declarant, the exception is his own initiative conduct research.

To learn characteristics of the product, GFSU authorities have the right to demand from the manufacturing plant, economic agents and citizens all the information they have documentation of a technical nature, which provides information on the physical, chemical composition and properties, as well as the stages of manufacturing.

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