Reforming customs Yagodinska

Yagodinska Customs is currently undergoing reform. In the very near future it will be renamed in Volyn. Such changes Ukrainian government planned to spend a long time, back in 2012. However, if this is not done, because employees have been convicted of bribery. Decided to reform later. Recall that Yagodinska Customs was merged with the Volyn in 2010. Since that time the area of its operations - all the Volyn region. Renaming customs logical. Accordingly, the one fact that it will soon be called "Volyn Customs" State Fiscal Service of Ukraine is natural.
Yagodinska Customs is one of the largest and most profitable in Ukraine. Over the last year its employees were transferred to the state treasury more than 2 billion hryvnia. Acting Chief Yagodinska customs Andrew ANDREYKOV considers her job perfectly. Its employees this year exceeded the rate of filling the state budget by 107 million hryvnia.
Priority in the work of the customs is to fight kotrabandoy. As practice shows, the guards successfully cope with the discovery of illegally imported goods. Successful activity Yagodinska Customs has the financial equivalent - the significant transfers into the state treasury, so its structure needs to be developed. Andrew believes ANDREYKOV negative moments in customs - the destruction of the recent Ukrainian infrastructure of the service, as well as the fact that the customs officers do not give the status of law enforcement officers, as in civilized Europe. Customs must be maintained at the state level, since it was she who provides the main income of the country - from 40% to 60% of revenues.

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