During the first 11 months of 2014 (January-November), the trade turnover between Russia and Ukraine decreased significantly. How to import goods into the territory of our country has become much smaller and exported. According to TASS, the level of imports from Russia in 2014 decreased by 30.06% compared with 2013 year. Accordingly, revenue decreased from 14.47 billion to $ 10.12 billion.

Slightly better situation with goods exported to Russia. The turnover of Ukraine was only 16.06 billion dollars, and it is compared with the previous year 2013 decreased by 25.13%. In 2013, the income of the country's export to Russia amounted to 21.45 billion dollars.

Thus, the total turnover decreased by 27.9%. In 2013, in January-November in the treasury received 35.92 billion. In 2014, over 11 months - only 26.19 billion. The positive balance of trade turnover between the two countries has also decreased - by 14.9% (from 6.98 billion to 5.94 billion dollars).

Ukrainian marketers say that citizens have become more attentive to the purchased products. Many ignore the Russian goods and prefer national producer.

The Ukrainian exports to Russia seized on dairy products, fish and canned vegetables, juices, potatoes, pastries, some vodka and beer producers. Partially offset the financial losses were due to the markets of the European Union. Trade with the EU in 2014 increased by 5%. However, to find its niche in the eurozone, Ukraine needs to improve the quality of products. The government is hard at work on it, replacing the national standards to European.

Yatsenyuk at the end of the last in 2014 stated that in the near future Russia will cease to be the main trading partner of Ukraine.

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