Proposal to exempt non-profit organizations in Ukraine from income tax

The Ukrainian Parliament registered a bill under the number 2049. It cancels unfair taxation for non-profit organizations. According to the standards adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of December 28, 2014, condominiums (associations condominiums), creative, credit unions, various associations that carry out executive functions, and other non-profit organizations are subject to income tax. This discriminatory policy may even cease to exist charities and similar societies. To restore justice, 19 deputies of Ukraine prepared and registered a bill abolishing the latest innovation of the past year.

Among the co-authors of the document is listed and Oksana Prodan. She says that the worst thing that previously imposed rules are already in place at the legislative level. This will lead to a deterioration of the apartment buildings, a decrease of charity, limited access to finresursam credit unions and many other negative consequences.
Oksana sold argues that it is necessary to restore the list of non-profit organizations in Ukraine, which were exempt from income tax.

The bill for 2049 also offers businesses established non-profit organizations to choose a more simplified system of taxation. In addition, it is proposed township, village and town councils themselves establish incentives for property tax for religious, charitable organizations and various associations.

Due to the fact that in the drafting of the bill were many deputies, there is a very high probability of document review and further government approval.

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