Instructions for Ukrainians before visiting the festivities European fairs

In anticipation of the holidays, many will want to visit the shops and markets in Europe. Between November and January - this time sales and bargains in European countries. Shops do great discounts and Christmas markets are full of thousands of products at a low price. It's hard to resist such tempting offers. It is important not to lose your head and buy things that you enjoy, that they do not have to throw on the far shelf. In connection with such trips need to remember the rules of crossing the Ukrainian border. This will help to shop wisely.

The "green corridor" have the right to pass citizens who are carrying such goods:

    1. Personal items:
      • A camera, a video camera, two mobile phones, two laptops;
      • Equipment for sports;
      • Personal ornaments that were already in use;
      • Clothing and footwear for personal use;
      • Perfumes 500ml;
      • Other items for personal use.
    2. Cash - no more than 10,000 euros for 1 person.
    3. Goods weighing more than 50 kg, and the total cost in the range of 500 euros.
    4. Tobacco weight of 250 grams, no greater than 50 cigars or cigarettes 200 or 250 grams of tobacco.
    5. Food with a total value of up to 200 euros:
      • - Put up in packages - one for the product name or 1 package weighing less than 2 kg;


      • - By weight - not more than 2 kg of one name;


    • - Indivisible product that is ready to use immediately - 1 piece of one name.
  1. Medications - no more than 5 packs of one denomination (if they do not contain drugs), or must not exceed the rate indicated in the recipe with printing doctor or health facility.
  2. Alcohol - vodka products (cognac, whiskey, vodka) not more than 1 liter of beer - 5 liters, and wine - 2 liters.

Goods and cash that exceed the above rules necessary to carry through the "red corridor". To the list of such purchases are also pets. This should present original veterinary certificates of the international sample of countries from which they are imported.

Tax on goods whose value is between 500 and 10,000 euros (during transportation by land) or from 1,000 to 10,000 euros (during transportation by air), - 10% of the customs value + value-added tax. Products worth over 10,000 euros subject to import tax at the full rate in accordance with the tariffs Ukrainian customs and value added tax.

The tax is calculated based on the value of the goods must therefore be checks or tags, containing the necessary information. If not, the price is calculated based on the value of such goods.

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