New taxes on motor vehicles in Ukraine: an unexpected surprise for car owners

Made by the Government of Ukraine to the Tax Code amendments came into force from January 1, 2015. Introduced indirect national tax on vehicles with large displacement, trucks, buses and electric cars. These changes were approved by Parliament in the framework of the state tax reform at a meeting held on December 28 last year.

Car taxation applies to the following points:

  1. The owners of "smart" vehicles running on gasoline or diesel engine and having a volume of more than 3 liters will have to pay a tax levy 25 000 hryvnia per year if their age "iron friend" of less than 5 years. Initially it was planned to introduce such excise tax for cars, engine size of 2.5 liters and more, but public outcry forced the deputies to change his mind;
  2. The new buses are subject to state taxes in the amount of 0,003 euros per cubic centimeter engine, used - 0,008 euros per cubic centimeter, if the life of the bus for more than 8 years, the fee rises to 20 times;
  3. The owners of the new trucks will have to pay from 0.01 to 0.016 euros per cubic centimeter engine (depending on the capacity of the machine), the owners of a used vehicle, service life of not more than five years, are required to pay into the treasury twice, and if the truck was used for more than eight years, the tax grows 20 times;
  4. fall under taxation and electric vehicles for their owner will need to pay 109 euros for one electric motor.
    To compensate for the increase in taxes on motor vehicles, the government abolished the fee for first registration of the car. This type of collection has a numerical equivalent of 3 USD. 82 kopecks. up to 69 UAH. 99 kopecks. 100 cu. cm (in accordance with the size of the engine).

Also, the Verkhovna Rada considered the introduction of special duties on imports (imports) of road transport in the amount of 5%. This legal norm is agreed with the European Commission and the decision of acceptance, cancellation or amendment will be made after the end of the consultation.

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