In Ukraine, you can buy both new and used motorcycles from Europe, the USA or, for example, China. The purchase and delivery of motor vehicles is not particularly different from cars. But customs clearance of a motorcycle in Ukraine has its own characteristics. After it, it is necessary to certify the vehicle and register it.

Customs clearance of motorcycles

The main features of the motorcycle customs clearance process are that:

  • The size of the excise depends on the size of the engine;
  • it doesn’t matter the age of the technique;
  • compliance with standards (Euro, etc.) is not important;
  • ATVs (like motorcycles) still belong to cars and are cleared according to their rules.

Please note that motorcycles include not only motorcycles themselves, but also the ATVs, mopeds and scooters mentioned above. Depending on this, check the duties and import rules.

Our clients do not have these problems, since the company provides them with turnkey services, which include the selection, purchase, delivery and customs clearance of a motorcycle in Ukraine. In addition, we can help deliver the motorcycle to your location and register it.

Customs payments

Customs clearance of motorcycles consists of:

  • 10% duty;
  • VAT — 20% and
  • excise — depending on engine size (up to 500 cm3 — 0.062 euros per cubic meter; 500-800 cm3 — 0.443 euros per cubic meter; over 800 cm3 — €0.447 per cube).

There is an online motorcycle customs clearance calculator that will help you calculate all payments yourself. You can use it by entering the necessary parameters. You can view them in the following documents that you need to prepare for the procedure:

  • technical passport of the vehicle;
  • invoice or any document for the purchase (purchase deed, invoice, invoice, etc.).

Complete information for preliminary calculation of motorcycle customs clearance from different countries (USA, Germany, China, etc.).

In addition, you will need:

  • your passport;
  • purchase agreement (if any);
  • certificate of origin;
  • document on the right to cross the border;
  • You may need a report provided by an expert, with the definition of the cost of the vehicle.

So, how much will customs clearance of a motorcycle cost? Here is an example of customs clearance of a motorcycle from America or Europe.

Purchased a vehicle with an engine capacity of 600 cc3 for 1500 euros.

You need to pay a fee: 1500 * 10% = 150 euros.

The excise tax will be: 600 cm3 * 0.443 euros for 1 cm3 = 265.8 euros.

VAT is equal to: (1500 + 150 + 265.8) * 20% = 383.16 euros.

Total you need to pay: €150 + €265.8 + €383.16 = €798.96. Plus a $15 customs clearance fee.

In the initial calculation, always take into account the correspondence of the purchase price to the price of the motorcycle in the Customs Catalogue. If the catalog is higher, then calculate based on it.

Customs clearance step by step

Buying a motorcycle abroad forces you to spend money on transporting it to Ukraine and carrying out customs clearance of the vehicle.

Firstly, you need to check or deregister your motorcycle in the country where you purchased it.

Secondly, draw up a bill of sale or any other document, that is, complete the registration of the purchase of a motorcycle.

Third, calculate and pay all customs fees.

Fourthly, pay for customs clearance.

After completing all the procedures, you will have a certificate with which you can register the motorcycle in Ukraine.

Convenient ways of customs clearance

We have considered the answer to the most frequent question of our customers — how much does customs clearance cost (for a motorcycle or even a cross-country miracle, cars and other vehicles).

If you feel enough knowledge and strength to carry out all the procedures yourself, then our article should help you cope with this task.

However, during customs clearance, various questions may arise from the customs services, which can be difficult to answer. If you are unsure of yourself, you can entrust this process to our managers. In this case, an agreement is concluded for customs clearance of a motorcycle.

Or you can use our turnkey service and entrust us with all stages of the purchase, delivery and registration of the vehicle.

You choose!