Kiev two customs officers for damages gosbyuzhetu faces up to 6 years in prison

Valery Karpuntsov, Senior Assistant Attorney General, on his page on the social network Facebook has posted information that in Kiev Prosecutor's Office filed an indictment against two officials Kiev customs. They are the result of the operation is illegal to import gasoline and diesel fuel have caused damage to the state treasury of about 26 million hryvnia. This is precisely the amount of tax has not been paid representatives of private companies, which have contributed to customs.

Illegal scheme as follows. Kiev two customs officers, there were about 8 thousand tons of gasoline and diesel fuel, which is noted as imported into another country. Ukraine was to serve only as a transit zone. Officials have issued a declaration of the appropriate type. Later, however, did not check the fuel vacation and did not control its further movement. Customs officers acted in the interests of private Ukrainian company. As a result, gasoline and diesel fuel were unloaded in the territory of our country. Import tax of approximately $ 26 million hryvnia not entered the treasury. For damage to the country's budget and promoting a private company that committed fraud operations, are subject to customs Kiev court.

The point is qualified under two articles of the Criminal Code (abuse of power or office - Part 2 of Article 364 and forgery - Part 2 of Article 366). For violations stipulated to 6 years imprisonment.

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