Increased exports from Ukraine to Austria

December 3, 2014 in Vienna, the Ukrainian-Austrian business forum. At this event, Ukrainian businessmen were able to establish direct contacts with Austrian partners and obtain the necessary information about the Austrian market. Co-organizers of the forum were the Ukrainian Embassy in Austria, the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, as well as the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. One of the participants of the event was the President of Chamber of Commerce Gennady Dmitrievich Chizhikov.

He noted that Ukraine is working productively with Austria over the last four years. Of particular importance is the partnership acquired after signing evroassotsiatsii. Now many entrepreneurs want to enter the Austrian market. To foreign economic activity with Europe to be effective, it is necessary to attract foreign companies under the terms of cooperation beneficial to both parties. Ukraine calls Austrian companies to actively participate in this process.

Within the framework of this cooperation the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and Austrian Federal Economic Chamber developed projects to improve the skills of employees of Ukrainian companies, managers and senior staff who plan an active business contacts with Western firms.

It is worth noting the growth of exports from Ukraine to Austria. Importation of goods for the last 8 months of this year increased by 9.5% compared to the same period of the previous year. The profit amounted to 385.5 million dollars. But imports decreased by 16.7%.

Trade in services between the two countries also has been steadily growing. Volumes increased in 2013 by 3%. During this period, the trade balance for Ukraine had a surplus. Its size was $ 8 million.
Serious barrier to the full output of Ukrainian goods on the Austrian market is a discrepancy with European standards, the lack of the necessary certificates of the European sample, as well as the discrepancy nomenclature of goods for export, the needs of the market. Mutually beneficial cooperation will help to overcome these obstacles.

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