In Ukraine, shorten the list of types of business activity, subject to licensing

The Ukrainian government intends to make the terms of business management in the country more favorable. To this end, a bill that aims at simplifying the business environment and reducing the administrative burden.
Economy Minister Aivaras Abromavicius stressed that the entry into force of the official document of the need to improve the investment climate in the country, reducing the number of inspections and reduce the need for licensing of economic activity.

Changes will take place in three stages. The first step will be to reduce the list of economic activities subject to licensing by the relevant public authorities. Currently, the list consists of 56 items. It will be reduced to 36, that is removed from the list of 18 types of business activities. 15 of them abolished completely, and 5 were combined into 2 types. Also on 4 types of business activity are introduced restrictions on the use of licensing. The next steps will be the introduction of the new law into effect.

Business licenses will be simplified for the agricultural sector, food industry, oil and gas and other spheres. Aivaras Abromavicius noted that one of the most important issues for the development of the Ukrainian economy is the output of the food industry in the European market. However, before this happens, you need to bring production into line with EU standards.

Designed bill took into account the recommendations of the business community, international experts and economists. Thanks to his entrepreneurial activities in Ukraine will be carried out in more favorable conditions. Implementation of the changes will help to raise our country in the international ranking of Doing Business.

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