In the Zaporozhye region the share of electronic declaration is almost 100%

Electronic customs declaration introduced in order to simplify the procedures for clearance of goods and lead the domestic customs system in accordance with European, is increasingly being recognized in the Ukrainian businessmen. Zaporozhye participants in foreign economic activity showed the highest rate in the country on the use of electronic declaration system. Since the beginning of 2014 to November customs were issued 99% returns electronically. Only last month the share of electronic declarations with respect to conventional paper amounted to 99.5%. Most documents were among export declarations - 36,500 pieces, import is much less - 20.3 thousand pieces, and transit - only 435 pieces.

Zaporozhye entrepreneurs to assess the usability of electronic declaration of goods, so the number of those who goes to this form of "dialogue" with the customs, increases with each passing month. It should be noted that for the period from January to November 2013 in electronic form to submit declarations only 92% of entrepreneurs. Thanks to modern innovation processing time is reduced. Thus, the average customs clearance export declaration takes 52 minutes, and import - 1 hour 32 minutes.

On the basis of the electronic declaration such operations are carried out:

  • Confirmation of actual export products to other countries;
  • State registration of vehicles;
  • The removal of import and export operations with the currency account;
  • Sale of currency for the joint calculation of enterprises.

Electronic declaration of imported and exported goods is carried out using electronic declaration approved digital signature, as well as other types of electronic documents and their properties according to the procedure established by law. Declaration in electronic and paper form have equal legal force.

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