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List of documents for customs clearance of imports

We are forming a package of documents on their own, providing a service "first importer" and work with your documents, providing customs brokerage services.

The required list of documents generated for each lot individually.

1. Index card ( card accreditation ) of a foreign trade , taken on record at the office (copy).

2 . The contract with the applications (the original ) .

3 . Waybills ( TTN ), an international automotive Waybill ( CMR ) , the bill of lading , air waybill ( stamped customs, sanitary, environmental, quarantine and veterinary controls , permitting the import and sale ) .

4 . The invoice or invoice ( stamped customs ) with the delivery conditions according to Incoterms and country of origin .

5 . When the delivery terms EXW and FCA provides information on carrier transport costs from the point of departure to the border of Ukraine (the original ) .

6. Carnet TIR.

7. Of the delivery of goods: PP ( " poperednє povіdomlennya " ) , PD ( " poperednya deklaratsіya " ) or W ( " vnutrіshnіy transit" ) - the original , decorated on the inside of the customs.

8. Shipping documents PP or AP marked the withdrawal of the Southern Customs cargo delivery to the control.

9. Certificate of origin ( ST-1 , EUR1, EUR2, Form A , etc. ) ( original) .

10 . Certificate of absence abroad of currency values , which is valid on the date of customs clearance (original + copy).

11. For the payment of customs duties ( duties, VAT , excise duties ) in the payment order in the "Payment " please specify: " Poperednya payment Mitnija platezhіv zgіdno contract vіd___________ number _________ Net of VAT . "Bank: Gudkov m Kiєvі , MFO 820019 , code 35819019 USREOU , account number 37348250000526 .

12. Receipt of payment of the customs terminal services .

13. Passport of the person , the person responsible for working with customs and making out the goods (original + copy).

14. UkrCEPRO certificate - if the goods subject to mandatory certification in Ukraine. If the code UKT VED item is eligible for certification, and the description - do not be , it must be a solution or a certificate UkrCEPRO that the product is not subject to certification (original + copy).

15. Documents confirming the destination of the consignment - if necessary (original + copy). If the load on the UKT VED code and description is subject to the export control commission - conclusion (the original ) .

16. Conclusion CCI to identify the code and to determine the cost - if necessary

17. Conclusion SES, RBIs, environmental permit , examination of energy saving , etc. - If necessary (original + copy).

18. Other documents arrived with load act of loading , packing list , certificate of analysis , certificate of quality , etc. (original + copy).

19. A copy of the export declaration sending country ( optional).

20. Certificate from the bank of the advance payment , if any form of payment provided for foreign economic contract (original )

21. Forms inspection act , the information sheet customs control.

22. A floppy disk with an electronic copy of the CCD .

23. A brokerage agreement .

24. Other documents ( commission contract , the internal agreement , promissory note, an investor , and so on . ) - If necessary .

Certified copies of the inscription:

"KOPІYA ZGІDNO W ORIGІNALOM", date, title, name and initials of the person certifying the copy. And the seal of the company, which has a print of the card Accreditation of foreign trade.

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