How is the personal customs inspection when crossing the Ukrainian border?

Personal examination, as a special form of control of customs, held in exceptional cases. It is only possible in the presence of officials from the fiscal authorities are substantial grounds to believe that a citizen crossing the Ukrainian border, smuggling or goods that are prohibited from being imported or are the subject of violation of customs regulations state. Personal inspection at customs can be carried out only on the basis of the written decision of the head of the fiscal body or person is acting Chief Executive Officer.

At the very beginning of the procedure officer shall submit a written decision given citizen, become familiar with its legal rights and offered to surrender voluntarily smuggled goods.

The fact of acquaintance of the suspect with the decision fixed customs official in this written document. If a citizen refuses to voluntarily hand over the goods, it is also noted in the decision and confirmed by the signature of a customs officer.

Citizen's rights during the inspection:

  1. prior to the procedure to get acquainted with a written decision and order of the examination;
  2. familiarize themselves with their own rights and responsibilities;
  3. to submit an application and provide an explanation;
  4. voluntarily give out goods;
  5. make statements, which necessarily must be recorded in the minutes of survey;
  6. speak their native language, and to use the services of an interpreter;
  7. to review the compiled act of customs inspection;
  8. appeal against decisions and actions during the fiscal service examination.

Personal customs inspection carried out in a separate room, the appropriate health and safety standards. He carried the body of fiscal service worker of the same sex with the suspect citizen in the presence of two witnesses who must also be a citizen of the same sex. Concepts - disinterested in the results examination of a person. This can be a relative of or customs officers.

The procedure of inspection is governed by Article 340 WEAVE (Customs Code of Ukraine).

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