elevator_symu1Sea Way uses a centralized management for the handling of grain crops in the mode of export: wheat, corn, soybeans, canola, barley, sunflower seeds at the Odessa Commercial Sea Port. Grain handling terminal is designed to handle loads that are delivered on the basis of existing contracts on CPT - Odessa port and FOB - Odessa port. Characteristics of the terminal berths: number - 2, length - 255/270 m, draft berths - 11.35 / 11.4 m

Services offered by our company:

- Freight

- JD and auto shipping port

- Handling of grain "vagon/fura- vessel"

- Port forwarding

- Making all the necessary documents for export (phytosanitary certificates, GHI)

- Customs clearance

Transshipment cost for a party of 3,000 tons is about 20 dollars / ton, depending on what type of transport the goods will be imported into the port, form of payment and the period of storage / shipment. Integrated rate includes handling "car-boat", port forwarding, obtaining the necessary certificates and customs clearance.

The main advantages of such a transhipment are the following:

  • unloading train cars and vehicles in order of individual stage occurs as quickly as possible;
  • performance of work related to the transshipment of grain is in the area of customs control, which operates around the clock;
  • a permanent post services quarantine, veterinary, GHI, surveying and other services;

Can be shipped in small quantities by 15-25 metric tons in 20 - and 40 - foot containers of all lines calling at the port of Odessa served " Brooklyn Kiev Port ", " Olimpex Coupe International" and the Code of Civil Procedure "Ukraine". The cost of such transshipment , including the clearance of export about 30 dollars / ton.The grain terminal is one of the few deep water export grain terminals in Ukraine and provides an effective acceptance / transshipment of grain grown in the Ukraine.In the development of logistic routes Sea Way uses both standard and successfully proven technologies and innovative solutions offered by modern global logistics market . You can take advantage of a free consultation with our manager by phone or e-mail info@rastamozhka.com

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