GAI - the initiator of the abolition of customs clearance / used cars in Ukraine

Soon the car structure of Ukraine expects a real revolution. Heads of state traffic police say the abolition of customs clearance cars, second-hand. They argue that it promises new revenues to the state.
The possibility of such changes said deputy chief of traffic police of Ukraine Sergey Budnik. This is due to road safety. Due to the severe conditions of customs clearance in our country, many people can not afford to buy high-quality reliable vehicles. Most are available only Chinese cars, which do not differ security. So the abolition of customs clearance would solve this problem. Ukrainians have been able to ride a technically sound machines. The main thing - not the age of the car and its reliability. The absence of customs clearance would help our citizens to acquire high-quality machines.
One has only to think about the numbers to understand the profit received by the state from the abolition of state duties on b / y vehicles. According to the UN, Ukraine each year loses on road accidents around $ 5 billion. Gets on the same rastomozhke minimum income. In addition, it would help to save the lives of many people. In Ukraine, every day in car accidents killed 12 to 14 people, while in Europe the figure is 3 times less - an average of 4 people per day. One of the causes of road accidents is technically faulty car. In the first place, of course, is the human factor - failure to comply with traffic rules by drivers or pedestrians, but the quality of the machine is also important. Nowhere in Europe do not have such high rates of state duty on cars, as in Ukraine. If we seek to become a civilized country, and then need to enter the relevant laws.
Sergey Budnik sure that the abolition of customs clearance will improve the situation on the Ukrainian roads, and fully support such innovation.

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