Environmental conclusion about the content of ozone-depleting substances are no longer required

As is known, in 2012 for non-compliance with the Montreal Protocol, which contains the requirement of quotas with respect to turnover of ozone-depleting substances (ODS), Ukraine undertook to strengthen control over the import and export of goods containing them. However, rather than to create a truly effective mechanisms for monitoring the import and export of ODS Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources gave himself the authority to issue the approval of a ozorazrushayuschih substances in products and the appropriateness of their exports or imports. Items that depend on ODS (eg, air conditioning systems, refrigerators) are also subject to these requirements.

Such a system has been a major barrier to business and did not contribute to the protection of the ozone layer or the distribution of quotas for the import and export of products. Public service business made every effort to create a real mechanism for regulating the export and import of products containing ozone-depleting substances. She made the abolition of the procedure of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the approval of the presence or absence of ODS.

Issuance of Environmental Prisoners provide the MEP Order №8. Its action Entrepreneurship tried to cancel twice this year. Due to the fact that the decision taken by the Office, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources has not fulfilled on time, the effect of the Order suspended since 23 November 2014.
The first decision was appealed to the State Committee Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the second (from 22/09/2014 at number 36) has received the consent of the department.

Thus, entrepreneurs related to foreign trade, no longer need to environmental conclusion about the content of ODS.

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