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Видеообзор Weltmeister EX5-Z EV

Weltmeister EX5 is one of the best-selling electric crossovers in China!

Weltmeister is a Chinese startup that has been producing electric vehicles since 2018. Now its model line is oriented both to the domestic market and to the export market and is represented by both crossovers and sedan. Dimensions EX5-Z are 4585 x 1835 x 1672 mm with a wheelbase of 2703 mm. In fact, this is a representative of the C-class crossover segment. In size, it roughly corresponds to such cars as the Mazda CX-5, Kia Sportage. The crossover is equipped with an electric motor on the front axle with a capacity of 218 hp. and accelerates to the first “hundred” in 7.9 seconds.

Unique technologies immediately distinguished WM motor in the electric vehicle market. The battery integrates high energy density cells and a battery management system. This ensures a long service life and high efficiency of the onboard battery.

To increase the power reserve, cells with a high density are used. They hold their charge well, and smart overheating protection ensures optimal power consumption in hot and cold weather.

The heat generated by the battery is used to heat the passenger compartment in winter. This reduces energy consumption, which helps to increase the battery life, which has a capacity of 52.7 kWh and a range of 403 km.

The company develops innovations and equips its electric vehicles with technological assistants. The package includes parking assistance, video streaming, voice control, all-round camera.

The interior of the Weltmeister EX5 is of good build quality and finishes. The SUV is equipped with a face recognition system and seat adjustment, blind spot monitoring, lane keeping, traffic sign recognition, an electric trunk and much more.

The interior is roomy, with enough space in the back row for three adult passengers, for whom there are USB ports on the back of the front seats. It also has its own climate control. People taller than 180 cm will be free. Weltmeister owners note the softness of the ride of electric vehicles.

Cars are equipped with innovative features. The EX5 offers rear passenger video streaming, cabin air monitoring, ionization. It is possible to connect to a smart home (V2H). The car has a 5-star C-NCAP safety rating, and the parking assistant (APA) is in charge of steering when parking.

The car has Eco, Sport and Custom modes. The latter is tuned to what you’re used to and will adapt to your driving style.

The Weltmeister EX5 clearly belongs to the new generation vehicle category. This is evidenced by the technologies involved in this electric car. The main highlight of the Chinese electric crossover is the latest high-tech autopilot. The Weltmeister EX5 electric car uses a level 2 automatic piloting system. The autopilot is called the Living Pilot. This autopilot system has the following features: Stop-and-Go function allows you to automatically pick up speed and stop, depending on the traffic situation Parking assistance, automatic exit from the parking lot towards the owner

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