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Video review Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 is the smallest car in Tesla’s lineup. If the “older” Model S and Model X are positioned as more status, Model 3 is a more budget car – of course, in the American sense of the cost of such a car. The sedan was developed in order to become the most massive product of the brand.
Model 3 has a very attractive exterior, which combines many design finds:
The electric sedan does not have a grille, as it does not require as much airflow as a car with an internal combustion engine. Instead, there is a deaf plastic, which creates a very unusual look.
The bumper has an original shape, thanks to which the model 3 has a minimum coefficient of aerodynamic drag.
Hidden door handles that slide out when pressed. And also a hidden connector for connecting the charger, which can be opened from the dashboard.
The Model 3 does not have a key fob or start button as such. You access it with a mobile app or a key card, just like in a hotel. Once inside, the car is already on and ready to take you to your next destination.
The Performance version of the Model 3 is also well-equipped, with all the same standard features you’ll get on more expensive models. At the center of the cabin is a whopping 15-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and basic autopilot is standard, which includes adaptive cruise control, lane centering, automatic emergency braking and blind spot monitoring.
Tesla is quickly integrating you into its weird, Mars-like, futuristic concept of what a car should be. The Model 3 has no physical controls, giving way to a long, low windshield that greatly enhances forward visibility.
The Model 3’s interior is spacious and inviting, with supportive front seats and a panoramic sunroof that automatically tints in response to sun glare.
Unsurprisingly, the cargo area is ample due to the lack of a petrol engine. Model 3 holds up to 649 liters with integrated front and rear rack

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