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In the field of new energy logistics vehicles, Ruichi’s name means a lot, and it is not an exaggeration to say that if you want to choose a new energy logistics vehicle, Ruichi products will mainly be included in the comparison. The overall popularity of Ruichi EC31 as a new model of micro energy card under Ruichi New Energy is quite significant.

In terms of appearance, the trapezoidal grille of the TRAPEZ EC31 is connected to the headlight clusters on both sides, while the lines and air intake grilles on both sides of the cover outline the V-shaped front surface.
Ruichi EC31 officially announced the size of the cargo compartment of the van is 2770 * 1565 * 1500mm, the maximum loading volume is 6.8m, the rated load in the cargo compartment is 990kg, this capacity is more than enough for the user’s daily loading of goods.

In terms of basic three-electric configuration, Ruichi EC31 battery can be selected by Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Yiwei Power and Tianjin New Energy to provide support, the corresponding battery power is 31.25 kWh (triple lithium battery), Yiwei Power 36.288 kWh. , Guoxuan Hi-Tech 38.7kWh, Guoxuan Hi-Tech 41.932kWh, respectively, the corresponding operating mileage is 245, 260, 275 and 300km.

As for the chassis, the Swiss EC31 uses a rear-wheel drive mode, the weight of the car is on the rear, the load on the front wheels is light, and the steering is very flexible. The front suspension uses McPherson type independent suspension, and the rear suspension is leaf spring independent suspension, which makes the load capacity of this car more outstanding, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology data shows that Ruichi EC31 can carry more than 1 ton of cargo, and this load capacity in basically meets the needs of urban distribution logistics.

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