According to the Main Department GFSU, in Dnepropetrovsk the vast majority of employers prefer electronic customs declaration of goods that exists in parallel with the old paper paperwork. Businesspeople working with exports and imports, feel the difference between the two kinds of declarations and appreciate the advantages of the "e-customs". Modern customs procedure saves time, reduces costs and speeds up the financial tovorooborot several times. These moments notes staff tax. Dnipropetrovsk businessman fully agree with them, and therefore prefer the electronic declaration paper.

The percentage of entrepreneurs who choose modern technology, is growing every year. So, for the first ten months of last year to use the electronic method paperwork 75% dnepropetrovchan doing business. For the same period this year the figure rose to 96%. By the end of October, the number of fans of "e-customs" has increased by 1%. Their number reached 97%. Accordingly, only 3% work in the old way - take the time to fill out registration and paper documents.

Electronic document management in the customs area was developed by the World Trade Organization. Ukraine, as evropoorientirovannaya country, learn from this experience and is successfully used in commercial transactions with other countries. Entrepreneurs, choosing modern trends of doing business associated with imports and exports, facilitate the task of transporting the goods across the border. Due to improvement of the standard of customs procedures, formalization and, in fact, simplification, all the processes of declaring income businessman, and, accordingly, the state grows. Dnepropetrovsk entrepreneurs have shown that keeping pace with the times and take care of the development of the Ukrainian economy.

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