Deregulation of business in Ukraine

The government of Ukraine at a meeting held on 28 January 2015, adopted a resolution, according to which the overly powerful government regulation of business is canceled in several areas. This agribusiness, food processing, oil and gas industry and IT-industry.

Release from the state control data business areas break corruption mechanisms and provide a budget of about 3.2 billion hryvnia per year. Coefficient of state income counted world experts, and they regarded the deregulation of economic activity as a factor that will positively affect the economy.

This process will take place in three stages:
1) the elimination of controls business have too much influence on the business;
2) The so-called "guillotine" - all supervisory authorities will be required to prove that the state needs, if they can not do this, then stop their activity;
3) consolidation of the reforms and the elimination of the possibility of resuming its activities liquidated bodies.

Now our country is the first leg. Cleaned 15-16 and 21 types of licensing permissive act. Resolution approves the following changes:
- Reduction of the period of issue of quarantine and phytosanitary certificate to 1 pm instead of 5;
- Reduction of the list of objects in need of quarantine regulation, for transport within the country (minus 33 species of crop plants - rye, barley, rice and so on);
- Deregulation in the production and sale of pesticides and chemicals for agricultures (simplification of procedures for the registration, re-registration of state tests of drugs);
- Simplification of authorization for the use of foreign labor;
- Simplification of licensing procedures for subsoil use (for the issuance of special permits for the use of subsoil no longer need to be as mandatory conditions of scientific support and monitoring);
- Cancellation of state registration of food for diabetics.

Such measures will give the country's budget by 2020, about 10-15 billion hryvnia. They will help to reduce product costs and increase jobs. It is, ultimately, a positive impact on the business environment in Ukraine.

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