Association of European Businesses (AEB) in its press release is concerned about the situation with a delay of the Cabinet of Ukraine adopted a resolution approving the list of goods subject to licensing for import and export, as well as quotas for 2015. This hitch is fraught with disruption of sowing in our country and a decrease in Ukraine's position in the world market for grain exports.

The main problem, according to a press release, is that in Ukraine the supply of plant protection products (NWR), without which it is impossible to get a good harvest. Entrepreneurs engaged in this business, are "in limbo" and can not perform the import. For the import of plant protection products need a license, which regulates the issuance of the relevant decision.

Legal act regulating the licensing of goods and quotas for the next year, previously taken by the Government in December last year. Accordingly, in the new calendar period, entrepreneurs can work in peace. Incomprehensible delay a ruling threatens problems of the economy of the country.

AEB said that the list also regulates the import and export of goods, which may contain ozone-depleting substances. The acceptance of the corresponding decision actually violates the corruption scheme when regulatory agencies were issued a letter that the product (which is not a priori could this be) does not contain hazardous substances of this type.

Association of European Businesses requests to expedite approval processes the list of goods subject to licensing and quotas for 2015 in order to prevent the crisis in the agricultural sector.

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