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Control radiological background cargo forwarders opinion does not make sense

Victor Berestenko holding the position of head of the union forwarders Odessa region, deeply convinced that check the level of radiation goods already in the territory of Ukraine, is meaningless. He spoke about the corruption schemes operating in sea ports of Odessa region.

According to him, the change in the radiological background of one container the size of 20-40 feet is estimated 5-10 US dollars. Under the law, delivery cargo container should be carried out only after the goods will be checked at the level of radiation, ie, before crossing the border, while cargo operations are conducted. Many entrepreneurs are doing quite differently: unload all the goods and then insist that the subjects forwarding activities to measure the radiation background. When the readings do not meet environmental requirements, the preferred place to "negotiate".

Victor Berestenko outlined profitable corruption scheme, which is convenient for both parties. His findings, he shared with the Chief Environmental Inspectorate, but officials did not reach mutual understanding.

Recall that since May 6, 2014 the last new procedure customs clearance of containers port of Odessa. Car containerships, which follow on the destination or mode of internal transition transit must undergo X-ray scan.

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