Changing the approach to tax administration to combat smuggling

The presence of gray and black import causes serious damage to the budget of Ukraine. To combat these negative phenomena Customs to change the principle of tax administration. Border guards are ready to charge entrepreneurs through the public purse less money, only to maximize eliminate smuggling. Tax reduction will be achieved by reducing the cost of goods. To do this, you must translate the indicative pricing in a different direction and to bind to stock quotes. In connection with the previously used the wrong approach to exhibiting the value of the commodity budget of Ukraine has lost a lot of money. You can take, for example, bananas. The last three years of their customs, the price was $ 1.16 per kilogram, for some companies, it was lower, which gave them improper advantage. The result - a shortfall in taxes and a loss to the treasury. If you change the pricing principle, the price drops, as well as tax. On the example of the same bananas - their price, based on exchange rates, amounts to $ 0.86 per kilogram. Thus, Customs wants to ensure that the legal import of goods became more profitable use of illegal schemes. Customs Service for many years calculates the projected imports aware of seasonal variations. These indicators may use it at work. The customs value shall consist of the exchange rates, transportation costs and insurance, and as a result - reduced.

According to the deputy head of GFSU Ukraine Anatoliy Makarenko, now at the customs in 87% of cases, take the price specified in the contract. Problems arise only in 13% of cases. Subjected to inspection only 5.5% of imported and exported goods 1.5%.

Customs Service of Ukraine does not reject traditional measures to combat smuggling. Through the actions of its employees over the last year has been deduced from the shadows of the companies that are engaged in illegal import of mobile technology. So, in the beginning of the year legally monthly import only 200-300 thousand phones. These figures began to grow in the summer, and in the first 11 months of the total number of legally imported mobile devices was approximately 6 million (550,000 per month).

Most imported under "gray" schemes technique premium brands from Lenovo, Apple, Blackbarry. In many cases, the sin against the law of online shopping, so Anatoliy Makarenko warns of tax raids at the point of sale and online stores will be strengthened. The deputy head of GFSU sure that such measures will help to solve the problem of smuggling.

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