The size and weight of containers

20-foot standard (steel) container: The container: Length Width Height External 20′ = 6096 mm 7′ 9.25″ = 2370 mm 8’6″ = 2591 mm Domestic 19′ 5.75″ = 5935 mm 7′ 8″ = 2335 mm 7′ 9.75″ = 2383 mm Doors — 7′ 8″ = 2335 mm 7′ 6.25″ = 2292 mm   Weight: Max. gross 52910 lbs = 24000 kg Tara 4585 lbs = 2080…

How much is shipping from China

Sea container transportation – is the most auspicious and financially profitable way to supply large and small batches of products from abroad. Due to the low cost of transport by sea in terms of per unit weight or volume of the cargo shipping from China by sea is much cheaper than transportation by truck, by rail or by aircraft. Shipping cost from China – is…

Infrastructure cargo ports of Odessa and the Chernomorsk

Infrastructure cargo ports of Odessa and the Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk) “sharpened” under a large customer service and continuous handling of goods around the clock. Therefore, many legal entities and private entrepreneurs, not wanting to delve into the features of the internal logistics and nuances of interaction between the individual seaports services bought forwarding services, entrusting all intra-operation for cargo handling specialized companies. Forwarding company  –is an intermediary between…

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