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from China to any point of Ukraine

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Excellent prices:
Price to Odessa per m3 Density kg / m3 Examples from practice in this density category
430 $ 0-200 Light Bulbs
480 $ 201-370 Chairs
510 $ 371-450 Kitchenware
590 $ 451-550 Heavy fabric
630 $ 551-650 The electrotool
700 $ 651-750 The electrotool
800 $ 751-900 Metal chain
900 $ 901-1000 Accumulators
0,95 $/кг > 1000 Heavy Equipment

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With a volume of less than 2 m3

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You choose the way of customs
Наш контрактOur contract
  • Excellent price of delivery and customs clearance
  • There is no issue with the bank to transfer the currency
  • There is no question with the customs office for processing the declaration
  • There is no question with the tax reporting
  • Sending from Gunzhou and Shanghai
  • Terms of 45-60 days
  • Customs clearance by our importer company
Наш контрактYour contract
  • Shipment from any major port of China
  • terms 35-50 days
  • Conclusion of the contract with the Chinese side
  • Accreditation in customs
  • Payment through the Ukrainian bank to China
  • Compliance with the terms of exchange control
  • Preparation of documents for freight forwarding in port
  • Passage of customs control
  • Tax reporting
Cost of procedures for different types
Procedure Our contract Your contract
Delivery to our warehouse in China Depends on the place of shipment
Loading cargo in container Based on the calculator
Make a calculation
100-180 $/м3
Loading the container on board the vessel
Freight Marine (transportation from China to Ukraine)
Unloading of the container from the vessel
Disassembling the container
Freight forwarding in port One payment per installment
110 $
Broker services One payment for a party
200-300 $
Payment of customs duty 0-15% from the cost of cargo with delivery (in Russia, depending on the type of goods)
Payment of VAT to customs 20% of the cost of goods with delivery and
Removal of cargo from the port of Odessa With your car for free or $ 120 for
Delivery in Ukraine Depends on the place of delivery
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Delivery of modular cargoes, Cargo from China

International container transport - is the most affordable way to deliver cargo to Ukraine from abroad. It is much cheaper than other shipping. Smallest twenty-foot container, designed to carry up to 28 tons of cargo, totaling up to 33 m ?, not allow businesses and entrepreneurs importing goods in small batches, to evaluate all the advantages of shipping goods by sea in containers.

Importers who supplied Chinese manufacturers in Ukraine in small volumes, freight forwarding company Sea Way provides affordable services groupage. They are beneficial to businesses and individuals who are:

Delivery of modular cargoes: how does it work?

Shipping lines operating flights from China's largest commercial ports in Odessa and the Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk). Our company accumulates Container party freight terminals in Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai and ships the goods in one forty-foot container. He sinks the ship and delivered to Ukraine. Due to the regularity of flights container shipping from China to Ukraine it can be laid out to the day. The Ukrainian port the whole party, which includes loads for different customers, are cleared and reloaded onto other modes of transport. Transportation of cargoes from China using this technology can significantly reduce the consignees costs compared to delivery of air transport.

Attention wishing to order cargo transportation: delivery from China does not provide for the transportation of food products, hazardous substances, liquid cargo or products requiring compliance with certain temperature conditions.

Delivery of cargo from China: price, terms and guarantees

Delivery of cargoes from China to Ukraine - a low-cost service that is affordable for small online stores and private entrepreneurs. Prices of transportation are calculated individually. You pay for the delivery of a container not all, but only of your product according to its volume, weight and cost of the invoice. The cost of services includes customs clearance of cargo in Ukraine and all port expenses. Payment is made after the customs clearance of the delivered product, before it is loaded on the client transport. Minimum lot size - 0.5  m. cub.

Shipping cost from Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shanghai to Odessa, including customs clearance and all port charges:


Transportation of cargoes carried on scheduled services of shipping companies.

The average time of delivery of goods from China, including customs clearance in Ukrainian ports is 50 days.

SeaWay Company provides financial guarantees delivery of cargoes from China up to 55 days (excluding force majeure, provided the terms of the contract). In case of delays the forwarder pays the penalty in the amount of $ 2 per cubic meter per day of delay, and the compulsory insurance of all goods compensates for damage or loss of goods occurred through the fault of the carrier.

We offer you the prices of delivery of cargoes, without customs clearance.

The rate includes service to Odessa, in a maritime container, and all port charges in the port of Odessa.

What would pick up cargo from the port, cleared, you should pay:

To calculate the time and know the delivery cost of cargo (from China, South Korea and other countries in cargo port), write an e-mail info@rastamozhka.com or call the freight forwarding company SeaWay call:





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