Cancellation stamps for legal entities of private law

In our country, the Law numbered 1206-VII, which aims to amend the legislation to simplify business. The main provisions of the document was to abolish the mandatory use of the press for legal entities of private law. Thus, companies, associations, unions and the economic interests of the funds for its activities no longer have to put a stamp on official documents.

Conversion is done by the Ukrainian government to simplify doing business. In European countries, printing has long been considered a relic of the past. Foreign companies are not using it. Such differences in the legal system often causes difficulties in the process of cooperation with Western countries. Entry into force of the Act designated strengthen Ukraine's position in the international economic arena.

The Government notes that the press has repeatedly tampered with, and their physical entrapment in the case of raiding completely blocks the operation of the firm. Cancel printing to avoid these negative phenomena. In addition, this legal provision to simplify the registration of new companies, which will help business development.

Despite the apparent advantages, it should be noted that the law abolishing the seals will cause many difficulties for enterprises:

  1. on the signing of contracts will be more difficult to establish whether a person has the necessary authority-signer and whether forged signature on documents;
  2. the provision of services, works and goods issue can be problems with the delivery-reception, unscrupulous contractors can deny the fact of receipt of goods (services) and to refuse to pay;
  3. in corporate relations is likely a fake signature in the decisions of legal persons;
  4. in resolving disputes regarding the infringement, breach of contract the company will be more difficult to prove their case.

The best alternative to print - double signature, that would be much more difficult to forge. However, the development of mechanisms for management and business without printing should take place in each company individually. Thus it is necessary to take into account possible problems.

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