Border guards Lviv issued Haul epplovskih gadgets

Just the other day, November 5, the border guards of the Lviv region "Shengjin" per night and found two vehicles Apple gadgets total of 638 pieces. They wanted to smuggle in Ukraine. Among the techniques known brand was 635 smart phones and 3 laptops. An unexpected finding was made on the Polish-Ukrainian border. A significant number of modern technology has not been declared, that completely violates the Ukrainian legislation.

Customs officers found two gadgets have different drivers. The first failed border checks in the afternoon the driver of the car Fiat, which proved to be a resident of the city of Sambor, located in the Lviv region. In the cabin of the vehicle was found 10 new smartphones iPhon. The second driver of the van turned zakononarushitelem brand Mersedes. He was trying to smuggle more impressive batch of technical innovations - 625 smartphone and iPhone 3 laptops MacBook Air. Gadgets were between the interior and luggage compartment. Men commit your flight at night, and customs officers caught him by surprise.

Naturally, offenders not previously declared goods than violated Ukrainian law, and now the answer according to the letter of the law. All epplovskaya products were seized. Now failed entrepreneurs have to pay a fine impressive.

For one day Lviv border guards got a solid catch of modern technology. This does not happen every day, so even caused some surprise at customs. Ukrainian border guards are always alert, and this should be remembered that who is going to transport large shipments of mobile devices or other products.

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