Applying for Ukraine to the WTO to increase import duties

Ukraine in late December 2014 submitted an application to the World Trade Organization with a request to change the terms of its membership. This forced to make the need to increase import duties to protect the domestic market from imported from overseas products as well as increase the level of revenues.

The application of the WTO has not been added the list of goods for which the Ukrainian authorities want to raise tariffs. They fear the disturbance partners. Therefore, the application contains a request for a review of the tax on the import, allows you to charge a Ukrainian state. Worry not unreasonably, as a precedent rapid perturbation of foreign partners in a similar occasion already was.

Ukraine filed a similar application before, two years ago. And while Canada even refused to cooperate with us. Recall the story.

Ukraine joined the WTO in 2008. A member of the trade organization has the right to once every three years to take the initiative to increase import duties. Our country after three years from the entry to use this privilege and has applied to raise the customs tariff. Together with the attached document list 317 consists of product lines. This initiative has been associated with a low level of protection of the Ukrainian market to imports compared with Russia, only to join the WTO in 2012.

European, Asian and American countries were outraged. US, EU and China were asked to withdraw the application and Canada in protest ceased to negotiate free trade.

In 2014, the validity of the first application has expired. Therefore, the Kiev authorities to re-filed a similar document, only this time without the list of goods to the WTO. Adviser to the Prime Minister Valery Pyatnitsky said that Ukraine is simply so reserved its right to raise the issue of increasing fees. And Acting President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia Taras Muscled stressed that the second application will not cause outrage among partners.

After the election of a new government in Ukraine in September 2014, we resumed active negotiations with Canada, Ottawa because it was convinced that the current Kiev, unlike Yanukovich regime, to comply with WTO rules.

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